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Kilnerry Day

on April 9, 2022, the mayor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Deaglan McEachern, signed a decree renaming the town to Kilnerry every April 9 in honor of the film, 'Love in Kilnerry', that was filmed there in 2017. The businesses in the historic square also change there name, The Portsmouth Brewery serves Kilnerry Ale on Tap, there's shopping, festivities, give aways, music, and anyone can watch the movie in a theater in town. 

The 2023, Kilnerry Day will be organized by MetaSkye, the City of Portsmouth, and Executive Producer, Steve Scott.

More Information Coming Soon

Kilnerry Day  2022 - 3
Kilnerry Day 2022 - 6
Kilnerry Day 2022 - 2
Kilnerry Day 2022 - 5
Kilnerry Day  2022 - 4
Kilnerry Day 2022 - 1
Kilnerry Day 2022 - 7 Decree




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