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Kilnerry's Got Heart

Send us 10-20 seconds of of you at your best and win dinner (*) and a movie with your friends!


LOVE IN KILNERRY is about finding your youth, dropping your defenses, and connecting with those around you. A real comedy. We want to see you at your best, funniest, talented. Show us your best talent, make us laugh, show us you in love with friends or spouse, make us smile. Top five videos on each market get posted across our social media and you and three of your friends get free tickets to LOVE IN KILNERRY now in theaters and (*) a $50 gift card toward dinner.!

This channel is coming soon!

Submission Deadline

* W. Burlington IA, Mason City IA, Hudson WI, Owatonna MN, Memphis, Cleveland TN, and Springfield OH due Thursday, May 12

* Bismarck ND, Minneapolis MN, Woodbuty MN, Peori IL due Thursday, May 19
IMPORTANT: at the beginning of your video state your name, city, and retirement community. Speak slow and clearly. We will contact your Activity Director to inform them of the winner on May 13th and 20th.

How To Submit

1. Go to, click "I just want to send files" at the bottom, upload your video for free, mail to In the message put your name and contact info. Send.

2. Or Upload your video to for free and send us the link
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